Trekking Terms and Conditions

By booking a trek with us you agree that you have read and understood the following terms and conditions: 

  1. All clients
    1. All riders must complete a rider registration form prior to trekking to provide us with contact details important in event of an emergency. If any of your details change, you must inform trek leaders and fill out a new registration form with updated details. Trekkers under 16 need a responsible adult to sign their rider registration form. We will store rider registration forms in compliance with GDPR regulations and registration forms will be destroyed at the end of each trekking season (In December, June and September). 
    2. All riders must watch a riding demonstration at the beginning of each trek. Should you have any questions about the information given you should ask the trek leaders present before setting off on the trek.  
  2. Payment
    1. For Swanston trekking, all treks must be paid for at booking, through our website 
    2. For Glendevon trekking, all treks must be paid for at the tack shed prior to trekking in cash only.
    3. All payments must be made in GBP. 
  3. Equipment
    1. We will ensure that all tack is kept in good condition and suitable for its purpose but sometimes tack may fail due to uncontrollable circumstances. Should any tack failures occur, trek leaders reserve the right to ask you to dismount and cut short any trek for the safety of those involved. If you are concerned about the fit of any tack, you must inform the trek leaders on your ride immediately. 
    2. Riding hats can be provided by the section, but you may choose to wear your own hat. In this instance, you must confirm the hat meets the current safety requirements (PAS015 or equivalent), is in good condition and safe to use.
    3. You must attend your trek in clothing suitable for riding including long trousers, shirts covering your shoulders and shoes with a heel. In the event of bad weather you are also responsible for bringing your own waterproof layers to ensure you are comfortable while on the trek. For your safety, we reserve the right to cancel your trek without refund should you be dressed unsuitably. 
  4. Punctuality
    1. Please arrive at least 15mins before the start of your trek. Should you be more than 20 minutes late for your trek, the trek will leave without you and no refund will be issued for the missed trek.
    2. Treks may run late occasionally due to unforeseen circumstances, please be patient with us! 
  5. Weight Limits
    1. Due to the size of our ponies we have a strict weight limit of 70 kg (154 lb) including your hat/boots/riding clothes, with a reduced weight limit of 65kg (143 lbs) for full day treks. By booking a trek with us you agree that you have provided an accurate weight. We reserve the right to verify your weight and cancel your trek without refund if you have not provided an accurate weight or exceed our weight limit 
  6. Age Limits
    1. We welcome all children aged 4 and older on our treks.  
    2. Children under the age of 8 will have their pony led by a trek leader. The maximum number of children on lead reins we can take is 3.
    3. All children under 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times on the trek – this adult can be on a pony of their own or walking on foot along with the ride. 
    4. Trekkers under 16 need a responsible adult to sign their rider registration form 
  7. Safety
    1. Your safety is our priority on treks and we do everything in our power to mitigate risk. Our trek leaders are first aid trained and we always carry a first aid kit on every ride. To ensure your safety you must always follow the instructions of your trek leaders. Should you ever feel unsafe, please inform a trek leader immediately. 
    2. You must not handle, ride or enter the ponies’ field without supervision of a qualified trek leader. 
    3. Riding is a risk sport as horses are unpredictable at times. While we do our best to mitigate any risk, injury and accidents are possible. By riding with us you accept this risk and that your choice to ride with us is your own. We will not accept any liability for any accident or injury that may occur. We strongly recommend that you have personal liability/accident insurance for horse riding. 
    4. Please be aware that some of our routes include areas with low or no phone signal. Whilst we always carry mobile phones on treks, we cannot guarantee that we will always be able to call for help from our exact location. 
  8. Refunds and Cancellations
    1. As a non-for-profit student run organisation we have a 48h cancellation policy. If you need to cancel or reschedule your trek within 48 hours of the scheduled start time, we require full payment for the trek as we will be unable to fill your space at such short notice. Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule a trek, preferably contacting us with the same method by which you booked. 
    2. We reserve the right to cancel treks at any time due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. pony availability, unsuitable weather, trek leader availability). Should we have to cancel treks, you will either be booked onto another ride of the same type or a full refund will be provided for the trek. 
    3. We reserve the right to refuse your trek without refund should you provide incorrect personal information including your age, weight and riding ability. This is for your personal safety and the welfare of the ponies. 
    4. We reserve the right to refuse your trek without refund should you act in a way deemed to be dangerous, irresponsible or abusive around our ponies. Anyone deemed to be acting in this manner may be asked to dismount or leave the trekking premises for the safety of the ponies, other riders and our trek leaders.  
    5. We reserve the right to refuse your trek without refund should you behave in a way that is abusive, intimidating or threatening to our trek leaders or other members of the public present on treks. 
    6. We endeavour to give as much notice as possible in the rare instances where we have to cancel treks. In the event of trek cancellation at short notice, we cannot take responsibility for travel costs incurred should you have already travelled to, or started travelling to our location.  
  9. Complaints
    1. You have the right to submit a complaint should you be unsatisfied with your experience with us. 
      1. To issue a complaint, in the first instance, please email [email protected]. Our student leadership team will be in touch with you shortly and endeavour to resolve any issues within our society, alongside our staff president if necessary.
      2. While we encourage you to share any concerns with trek leaders present at Glendevon, please be aware that they are not able to make any comment as to how the complaint may be resolved or make any managerial decisions. They will gladly pass on any feedback delivered in a constructive way but have the right to turn you away should they feel intimidated, threatened or abused by your manner.  
  10. Contact
    1. During semester time, we can be contacted via our “contact us” page, email or social media accounts. During our Glendevon trekking season we can be contacted via our trekking mobile (07564 335203).  
      1. Please bear in mind that EUEPTS is run by volunteer students who, when not in Glendevon, are often busy with placements and other commitments over summer. While we aim to reply to emails within a working week, our emails and social media are not consistently monitored over the summer and it may on occasion take us longer to reply. Should you be concerned that we have missed an email or failed to reply, please do send us a follow up to bring your query back to the top of our inbox. 
    2. We will aim to call you using the contact information you provide on the day/evening before your trek to confirm the trek and your availability. Should we be unable to contact you due to incorrect contact details, international numbers or no response on your behalf we will assume that the details provided upon booking are correct, you agree to the terms and conditions and that you will attend your trekShould this not be the case, the 48h cancellation policy will apply and you will be liable to pay for the full price of the trek.